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about the designer

Holding degrees in both creative writing and interior design, Marc Cadiente has showcased his talents through the eloquent landscapes of words and through living, functional art spaces. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Marc spent 12 years of his professional life in New York City before deciding to return to California.


His creative career began in New York in 1999 at Farrar, Straus & Giroux (FSG) as an Advertising & Promotions Assistant. There he was introduced to and worked with renowned authors, including Susan Sontag, Jonathan Franzen and Michael Cunningham. With words and images, Marc created promotional items that would be displayed nationwide. Marc learned not just about the literary world at FSG, but he learned more about himself. Needing to search his soul, he left the publishing industry and worked briefly for a non-profit organization that helped at-risk gay teens. Presented to him was another side of the world he did not know--one where opportunity was scarce. He gained perspective, patience and compassion, and these virtues are evident in his craft, displaying sensitivity and understanding to his readers and his clients.


Marc returned to publishing, working at HarperCollins where he was exposed to more printed design. This reignited his passion for art, and he began to feel restless, needing another outlet to express himself. Then and there, Marc made the decision to once again leave publishing and explore his second love.


He returned to school for interior design where, by chance, he was offered a job at ARRAY, a NY-based interior design magazine. Finally, Marc was able to seamlessly intertwine his two passions--he wrote; he produced photo shoots; and he discovered the design world to be more exciting and innovative than it had been in years. 


Marc's hunger and knowledge catapulted him into the design world. He immediately began working at Perkins Eastman Architects in the interiors department, but he didn't stop there. In addition, he freelanced as a merchandiser and showroom designer for numerous events for fashion house Phillips-Van Heusen (Izod, Calvin Klein, Timberland) and for Behrman Communications. He moved on to work with a small boutique design firm where he learned much of his craft and developed his own signature style. 


With deep knowledge of the field, today, Marc works independently to create functional and beautiful spaces designed specifically for each of his clients' needs.

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