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The Masculine Pink Interior

Pink is the next frontier in creating a masculine interior. For sure, it will take a brave man to incorporate pink into his bachelor pad or man cave. But in just 3 easy-to-follow steps, that stylish masculine pink space can be yours!

Step 1. Learn the history

The first step in creating a well-balanced masculine pink space is understanding the origin of gender assignment of colors and neutralizing these associations. Did you know that pink used to be considered a masculine color? It's true. Read this article from The Atlantic. The author did a fine job of researching the topic, so I won't even attempt to regurgitate her work.

So what is the lesson that I want to teach? Color is color. Use what you like, avoid those you don't. That's all.

Step 2. Be bold

Imagine how you would dress yourself for an important day at work. Hopefully, you would go with a well-tailored, clean-lined, neutral suit as your base. Then you add the umph factor. For you gentlemen, it's probably a vibrant tie, pocket square, or flashy socks. For you ladies, it's probably a vibrant blouse, dazzling jewelry, or hot shoes. Just like creating your masculine pink space, you start with a solid base that can hold that a-mah-zing statement piece. This is where the fun begins. This is where you can now explore your pink options. Pink wall? Why not? Pink sofa? Sure, go for it!

Just remember, like your outfit, you don't want to be overzealous. You don't want to wear all your vibrant clothing and flashy bling all at once. Unless you're Snoop Dogg. Then you can do whatever you want.

Use pink in moderation. Use it as an accent color against neutrals. And if you are really brave, use a lot of pink but in several tones and shades.

Step 3. Enjoy

You've just created your masculine pink interior. Sit back and enjoy your accomplishment with a pink libation of your choice.

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